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              学术报告: Academic and Research Excellence in Manufacturing Engineering from TheUniversity of Nottingham

              作者:       发布: 2019-06-10      来源:


              报告题目 Academic and Research Excellence in Manufacturing Engineering from TheUniversity of Nottingham:(诺丁汉大学在制造工程领域的主要科研进展)

              报告人Prof. Dragos. A. Axinte The University ofNottingham





              Thepresentation by Prof. D. Axinte will give a short overview of researchdirections, examples of notable achievements and on-going research projectscarried in advanced manufacturing technologies at University of Nottinghamwhile flagging-up possibilities for educational and research collaborations. Aseries of case studies, from concepts, simulations, testing and industrialimplementations, of research projects will be presented to demonstrate ourcapability to tackle both academic and industry challenges while enhancing thegroup expertise through national and international collaborations.

              Thefollowing research topics will be presented:

              - Machiningof difficult-to-cut Ni/Ti based superalloys for aerospace applications.

              - Processmonitoring for machining high integrity components.

              - Innovativetooling design from super-abrasive materials.

              - Abrasivewaterjetting technology and its niche applications.

              - Pulsedlaser ablation for freeform machining and its challenges.

              - Innovativedesign tooling and fixturing systems.

              - Machinetools and robotic systems for in-situ processing of large structures.



              DragosAxinte is Professor of Manufacturing Engineering at University of Nottingham UKand Li Dak Sum Chair Professor at University of Nottingham, Ningbo. He held twopersonal NATO Research Fellowships in Italy and Denmark and then moved to UK tocarry out research with University of Birmingham and later with University ofNottingham. He was appointed Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering (2005) andsuccessively promoted to Associate Professor (2007), Reader (2010) andProfessor (2011). Since 2009 Dragos is Director of The Rolls-Royce UTC inManufacturing and On-Wing Technology at University of Nottingham. He isFellow of International Academy of Production Engineering (FCIRP) andEditor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture.

              Dragosresearch interest is in the main following areas: Innovative ManufacturingProcesses, Advanced Machining and Finishing Technologies, Abrasive WaterjetMachining, Monitoring and Optimisation of Manufacturing Processes, Design andConstruction of Miniature Machine Tolls, Design of Innovative Tools/Roboticsfor Aerospace Manufacture, Workpiece Surface Integrity Analysis and AppliedTribology.