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              学术报告:Single Cell Gene Therapy and Analysis on Nano-electroporation Chip

              作者:       发布: 2019-06-21      来源:




              Single Cell Gene Therapy and Analysis on Nano-electroporation Chip



              报告人  :常凌乾教授


              邀请人  :徐晔教授


              One of thecutting-edge multidisciplinary research themes in Biomedical Engineering is todesign and manufacture advanced Bio-Chip for life science, ranging from invitro cell biology toward in vivo medicine. In recent years, nanotechnologiesfacilitate the development of bio-chips and devices which have demonstratedunprecedented capabilities in single cell analysis and manipulation. We haveattempted to design and develop a novel nano-biotechnology,nano-electroporation (NEP), for years. The nanotechnology allows forhigh-throughput, and precisely delivery of gene / drugs into living cells atsingle-cell resolution.

              Thein vitro applications of the NEP platform have been demonstrated in the studiesof intracellular cancer biomarker heterogeneity in leukemic cells,cardiomyocytes, T lymphocytes and glioma stem cells. Our latest efforts haveachieved in vivo cell reprogramming for on-body gene therapy and wound healing.The future research of this nano-technique for flexible wearable drug deliveryplatform with the aims to patient-specific gene therapy and regenerativemedicine are discussed.


                 常凌乾博士,2016年博士毕业于美国俄亥俄州立大学生物医学工程系,现为北京航空航天大学生物与医学工程学院教授,生物医学工程高精尖中心单细胞分析纳米技术研究所执行副所长。曾担任美国北德克萨斯大学(Universityof North Texas)生物医学工程系助理教授(TenureTrack),入选2017年中组部青年千人计划。从事生物微机电系统、基因转染技术和细胞微操纵技术及其在细胞基因检测、治疗等领域的研究。近五年在国际期刊发表SCI论文50篇,如NatureNanotechnology, Nano Letters, Small等。获得了诸多科研奖励和荣誉,如俄亥俄州立大学2015年博士最高奖PresidentialFellowship,北德克萨斯大学RSGAwards, MINE 2018‘杰出青年科学家提名奖等。兼任SCI期刊BiomedicalEngineering Online副主编(AssociateEditor)和Computersin Biology and Medicine编委(EditorialBoard)NatureSpringerElectroporationProtocol》第三版主编,中国生物医学工程学会纳米医药分会青年委员。